Victoria Hallett


To be eligible for National Honor Society, students must have:

  1. At least a 3.6 un-weighted cumulative GPA or a 4.3 weighted cumulative GPA by the end of junior year.  
  2. At least 60 hours of unpaid, community service (including at least 10 through the school) with proper signatures. 

Links for application directions and the application form may be found in the announcements section of the WMC homepage.

This is my, Mrs. Hallett's, homepage! I have taught World History, US 1 History, Human Behavior, IB/Honors IB (SL) and Research Methods in Psychology IB (HL). I love learning about why the world works the way it does and I hope that all my students will share my enthusiasm. 

I will post homework and important resources on Haiku. If you are absent, be sure to check the website to see if there is anything posted for the next day of class. There is also a folder at the front of the room with papers from every class- check here first if you lost an assignment or were absent!! If you miss class, you are responsible for making up the work, and showing it to me. I will not hunt you down!

I am available for extra help on Tuesdays after school in C122 and by appointment. 

With the historian it is an article of faith that knowledge of the past is a key to understanding the present.

-Kenneth Stampp-

1IB/Honors PsychologyC122
2Human BehaviorC122
3IB/Honors PsychologyC122
6IB/Honors PsychologyC122
7Human BehaviorC122

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