Henry Crouse

This is my second year teaching for the West Morris Regional District. I taught last year in both schools as a long term substitute and leave replacement. I have taught U.S. History 1 Studies, U.S. 2 AP and Advanced, and this year I am teaching U.S. History 1 Honors and U.S. History 2 Advanced.

In addition to teaching at Mendham and Central, I am also the West Morris Central Archery coach.

I have set up my Power School Learning (PSL) pages to provide remote access to all of the guided notes, primary sources, assignments, and classroom materials. This will allow students to access work for my class when they are absent. My hope is to incorporate technology into the classroom, expose students to a variety of learning styles and strategies. Please check your e-mail regularly for class announcements and the posting of new materials.

I am available for extra help at West Morris Central after school on Tuesdays and by appointment in room F146. 

I am available for extra help at West Morris Mendham during periods 3 & 4, lunch on a 4 day, and by appointment.

259 Bartley Road     Chester, NJ 07930     p: (908) 879-5212     f: (908) 879-2741