Jodie McDonnell

My name is Jodie McDonnell. This is my 11th year teaching Spanish. I love that I get to share my love of the Spanish language and culture with my students every day. I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a BA in Spanish. I then went on to earn my Masters in Teaching Spanish from Rutgers University. I did my study abroad in Merida, Mexico, where I learned about the indigenous culture of Mexico while picking up lots of interesting teaching techniques. I love to read, and I enjoy using reading to help students acquire language. I believe that language learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and I work every day to try to provide that experience for my students. 

I have two daughters, ages 9 and 7. I find that I get some of my best Spanish teaching ideas from them. When I see how they learned their first language as babies, and when I see stories and games they are using now to help increase their first language abilities, I often steal those ideas and turn them into lessons for our Spanish classes. Children's stories and games are incorporated into most language goals we are working on.

All class information including course expectations, homework assignments, extra help information, and other important announcements can be found on my Haiku page. You can access the Haiku page for each class by clicking on the appropriate class in the schedule below. 

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