Kevin Staine

Welcome to IB Biology.

I have been teaching at West Morris Central for over 25 years. During this time I have taught every life science class we offer and currently I am teaching IB Biology (SL & HL) as well as the elective, single semester course, called "DNA".  I consider myself fortunate to have worked in such a tremendous community since 1991. I have truly enjoyed working with the students and athletes here at WMC (I previously coached Varsity football for 12 season, Varsity lacrosse for 10 years as well). I have also authored four articles on original scientific research in peer-reviewed journals. I believe in our students being "well-rounded" and I try to practice what I preach as much as possible.  

All of the courses I teach are partnerships.  I can't do it by myself and neither can the students. Together, though,....anything is possible.

Have a tremendous year!

Kevin Staine

ps. I am available during any free/prep period you see below and after school on Tuesday's for extra help. 

1Grade 9 Academic StudyA-142
2Biology 1 IB-SLC-138
3Biology 2 IB-HLC-136
4Department ResponsibilityC-136 PR
5IB Biology HLC-136
6PrepC-136 PR
7Bio DNA Adv (Semester 2)C-138
8IB Biology SLC-138

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