Poonam Gahlawat
Teacher of Mathematics

A note from the teacher:
Curiosity is said to be the mother of all inventions. For learning to be productive it has to be an interactive activity and not a passive activity. Therefore every student who wants to succeed must enter the classroom with following attributes:
• An inquiring mind
• Thirst for knowledge
• Desire to think, analyze and apply
• High standards of integrity and honesty which lead to high self-esteem and confidence
• mind open to new ideas and full of new ideas of its own
• Compassion and empathy for fellow students
• Ability to take risk to investigate and explore independently
• Keeping oneself truthful to one’s own abilities and limitations and seek help when needed
• Ability to reflect on his/her own thoughts and be able to communicate them to others
• Keeping the doors of communications open with the teacher at all times
Another important element of learning and success in a classroom is a bond of respect between parent, teacher and student.
So my dear students:
Leave the math phobia (if you have one) in the hallway. Sit back, relax, and be amazed by the beauty of Math. Participate positively and focus on learning and the grade will follow. Use your time productively!

Chess Adviser
I am also in my eleventh year as the Chess Club Adviser! If you are up to the challenge and ready to sharpen you mental faculties, I would strongly urge you to join us every Thursday during lunch at the Library conference room. Looking forward to seeing you there!                                                  
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2Department Prep
3Algebra 1 (AC)F135
4Algebra 2 (Honors)F135
5Algebra 1 (AC)F135
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7Algebra 2 (Honors)F135
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