Susan Bentz

Hello and Welcome!

This is my 10th year teaching at West Morris (although I did home instruction for 9 years at WMC prior) and my 21st year teaching.  However, I am still very excited to be meeting all of the new ninth graders.  I love English and hope that by the end of this year, even if you are not a book person, you will leave our English class with some fond memories and an appreciation of the books we read.  This year I also have a senior English class.  I have never had senior English before but I have had many of the students in the class in their freshman year for biology.  It will be awesome to see them come into WMC and then graduate in June!

I have posted my schedule below.  If you click on the English classes you will be taken to our Haiku pages that have assignments (on the calendar), lots of information, and handouts.  

I am available for extra help after school on Tuesdays in Room F120 and the best way to reach me is by email at .

                                                      Have a wonderful year!

1English 9 Studies Collaborative with Mrs. Charych
2English 12 Studies Collaborative with Dr. Wright
3English 9 Academic Collaborative with Ms. Pontrella
4English 9 Academic Collaborative with Mrs. Pastore
5Department Responsibility
7English 9 Academic Collaborative with Mrs. Pastore
8Welcome Desk Duty

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